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Installing Rooftop Solar PV helps to reduce the electricity bill and results in saving. Rooftop Solar PV panels supply electricity to buildings, so they need to buy less electricity from the grid thereby saving on energy costs and also benefits environment.


Rooftop solar is also a great investment tool as electricity prices keep on fluctuating from time to time. So, it is difficult to calculate the expenditure on electricity for a certain period of time. However, when it comes to electricity generated by solar rooftops, the price of power generated can be calculated easily. In fact, one can even calculate the cost of electricity generation for another 10 years. In this way, it is a secure investment.


If you are excited to know about this amazing solar pv system which is also an investment tool, protects our environment for future generations and also provides electricity then click on “Calculate Saving”.


Calculate Saving


Note: The rates are as per the discovered rates by the DisCom and the actual price may vary based on your customization and the vendor selected by you. The saving is approximate and it may vary from rooftop solar PV system. The Surya Gujarat portal, GUVNL, DisCom, GIZ or the AHAsolar is not at liable by any mismatch in the estimated generation and the actual generation. The User is advised to contact the Empanelled Installer and get the site surveyed with proper shadow analysis of the site where installation has to be done.


(You can apply through Empanelled Installer, Nearest DisCom office or Directly through the AHA Solar App)




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