• SURYA-Gujarat portal will be opened from 23/11/2023 @17:00 hours to 08/12/2023@ 24:00 hours for new applications in the PGVCL & MGVCL under Rural area tender and Torrent Surat under Urban area tender, provided that the agencies must submit work completion intimation on or before 08/01/2024.
  • Rooftop PV Installation, Vadodara, GJ
  • Rooftop PV Installation, J.M.Bhawan, Gandhinagar, GJ
  • The Sun at Tithal Beach, Valsad, GJ


Consumers Applied
Rooftop Solar


Capacity Applied (kW)



  • Selection of vendor from the list of empanelled vendors
  • Submission of Solar Rooftop application in
  • Applying for Net Meter in DisCom
  • Payment of rooftop system instalment along with application and metering charges
  • Co-ordinate with vendor for system installation
  • Collect all the necessary documents from the installer
  • Signing Joint Inspection Report during plant commissioning


  • Coordinating and assisting consumer for application submission in portal
  • Feasibility analysis of Solar Rooftop in consumer roof
  • Installation of Solar Rooftop plant as per the DisCom specifications
  • Testing and commissioning of plant as per DisCom/ DisCom guidelines
  • Signing Joint Inspection Report after plant commissioning
  • Undertaking operation and maintenance of project for 5 years post commissioning


  • Provide checklist of documents required for consumer application
  • Undertake technical feasibility of consumer application
  • Scrutinization of application documents Testing, the Solar Rooftop Project and ensuring compliance of grid
  • Interconnection approval and safety standards.
  • Signing Joint Inspection Report after plant commissioning